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About Us

Hill Piling offer specialist piling services across the UK, combining years of experience with an ongoing commitment to innovation and development in order to provide a service which is bespoke, efficient, economic and completely client-centred.

We take pride in investing in the latest rigs and plant and ally this to an embrace of cutting edge computer technology. Consequently, the service we offer is at the forefront of the piling currently available, able to deal with smaller, individual jobs or larger contracts requiring multiple types and sizes of piling. We offer excellent customer service throughout, ensuring that our clients are kept fully informed at every step of the way. Whilst we’re experts in the field, we understand that the people we work with may not be, and so we tailor the service we provide to ensure maximum transparency. From initial contact, through tender and on to completion, we finish the work we do on time and within the agreed budget.

Our clients can relax in the knowledge that we have the scale and experience to cope with the full range of possible working environments and to deal with the changing circumstances which complex, dynamic and multifaceted construction projects can throw up. Whether you’re looking for open bored piling, continuous flight auger, mini piling or one of the many other services we offer, we’ll be able to put together a plan which meets your needs and slots in smoothly besides the other requirements of your project.

We understand that any plan, and the equipment used to deliver that plan, is only ever going to be as good as the people involved in that delivery, and that’s why we place the recruitment, retention and development of our staff at the heart of what we do. The people working for us will be working for you, and your satisfaction represents their idea of a job well done.