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Mini Piling

Mini piling is a technique which allows the boring of piles in places which allow only limited access, such as inside a building or, alternatively, in areas of high environmental sensitivity. Mini piling is often used within existing units where more weight bearing capacity is called for, examples being a factory which is having a heavy piece of equipment installed, a building which needs underpinning due to settlement or the foundations of an extension being added onto a residence. Some infrastructure projects such as rail lines, roads and bridges also require mini piling to put the required foundations in place.


At Hill Piling we offer the full range of mini piling options, making it simple to put together the combination required to deal with a range of circumstances, such as the presence of water in the strata or loose and unstable soil conditions. Whether cased driven piling, continuous flight auger, or open bored piling is called for, we’ll be able to provide the equipment that can access the site, deal with the conditions and get the job done.